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So I was drinking my coffee (picture taken with N8) the other day thinking how almost nobody asked anything after my previous post. It was sort of expected. After all this really isn’t a new device but how does it stand in todays fast growing mobile phone industry? To me Nokia N8 is a miracle if looking from the camera perspective. It’s absolutely miraculous that Nokia made such an amazing camera-phone a year ago and today it still has no rival. I’m sure going to miss that camera a-lot!

But let’s go back to the troubling world, shall we? I have tested all the app categories on N8 that I have had interest in and pretty much everything passes with good grades (marks?) and some apps really deserve special mention. For example 4squick is an app that Symbian haters would not believe You is made for Symbian until You show them “about” window 😉 The other very fine example of a new era apps is gNewsReader for which I have only praises. Just by looking at those apps, oh boy, I can tell You Symbian is not dead! Symbian is comming! :-)

Now where were I? Oh yes, the bad stuff. Symbian Anna’s improved browser is, well, … improved for sure, but after a longer period of usage I can conclude it’s not improved enough. It’s not slow to be honest but its touch interface, although organized much better than before, does not work very well. For a plain example pinch to zoom does not work every time as one would expect and it tends to do stuff You did not do with Your fingers so You repeat the gesture. Other than that scrolling feels jumpy often and I really did not like it because I read a lot of mobile web and in my opinion this browser has a lot more to improve on, specially performance now that UI is improved and I’m really looking forward to try a browser on Symbian Belle.

Last week I did a lot of video recording and that part of imaging features is similarly perfect as taking picture is. Video quality is fantastic and the zoom feature You would not believe how good it works. While You hold the volume rocker to zoom in it blurs the picture during the zooming time until it realizes how far You want to zoom in and than sharpens the picture. It really works very well and the results speak for themselves.

To conclude finaly, in the end of 2011 Nokia N8 might not be the fastest phone arround but for sure it still keeps some aces in it’s sleeve that no other phone offers and its karma is so big from a Nokia fan perspective that it makes every owner so proud. Whoever buys N8 today will not make a mistake since Symbian Belle is right now knocking at our doors and this update will for sure bring a lot of freshness to our beloved OS platform.

Greetings to all N8 users in the world from a big N8 fan as of today, more than before! :-)

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