Nokia E6 – A business phone with the touch

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Day 1. I have explicitly asked for the white version, since my best man is very much into white phones and I am on a mission to assimilate him from the world of BlackBerry into a world of Symbian. Wish me luck! :-)

Getting the phone out of the box I realised “Wow! This is a gorgeous phone!” On first boot standard Symbian stuff awaits: Login to Nokia services. After You login, quite a few things setup automagicaly for You. After that comes setting it up. First of all my phonebook. Since I’m a Google user myself – I keep my phonebook, calendar and email there. So all three services I always setup with only one stroke: Exchange. Nokia has a great support for this service called Mail for Exchange. Enter Your details and the server address and that’s pretty much it.

The phone came preloaded with all-new Nokia Maps 3.08 version with sepparate Weather, drive, map apps. This is a welcome improvment in speed to setup Your route. For example if You wish to navigate home all it takes is two clicks in total. First click on the “Drive” icon, and the second one on “Drive home” button. Loading time of the navigation app is between 5 and 6 seconds. After that it takes about 2 to 3 more seconds to calculate a route around the city and the navigation starts. In total these 9 seconds are much less comparing Nokia Drive to a very popular navigation app on another smartphone with similar hardware specs. More on that another day.

For starters I have installed some apps I need this to become my main phone for two weeks. 4squick, Dropian, WhatsApp, Nokia Chat (for GTalk) and Gravity. Nokia Social , Shazam, and JoikuSpot premium were already installed. I have put shortcuts to all of them on my home screen along with new Nokia Maps Weather app. This app really showed it’s up to it’s task and in a very fancy way successfully obsoleting the AccuWeather widgety app I used to use. I have also installed recently much praised fMobi trial version to, well try it out. More on third party apps in some other story.

A little bit on the Weather app. After You start it for the first time it only says loading weather and … that’s it! It shows the forecast for Your city! Other than 5-day forecast You can view the next 24 hours in detail by dragging the timeline. Very easy to use and usefull app.

On the second home screen (there are four five) I have put three widgets: Chat (GTalk), Social App and Mail for Exchange. This way I can easily keep track of what’s going on without needing to shuffle between open apps. Music, Calendar and my favorite persons are on the third homepage and the last one only holds the Search widget for now. Plenty of home screens!

Chat app is similarly simple and effective as the weather is. You login to Your favorite chat service, drop the widget to the homescreen for instant notifications while the app is closed and that’s all. It doesn’t support voice or video calls though.

The screen of the Nokia E6 is, well .. Awesome! It a fairly small touchscreen and You have to be careful where You put Your finger, but some of the actions can be done the old fashion way with qwerty and d-pad + the touchscreen does what any other touchscreen does. A very welcome improvement to the famous old business phone I liked a lot, but missed the touch for surfing if nothing less. I am talking about E72 of course.

So far the smaller phone, its smaller keyboard and smaller screen are still in process of assimilating me, but they are on a good way of doing it right. Mentioning the screen again this phones screen has around 325 DPI (dots per inch) which goes on par with the best screens there are, effectively crossing the magical border of 300 DPI. Everything on this screen looks VERY sharp and Symbian Anna’s icons look fantastic in this DPI too!

A bit on buttons too. Much smaller qwerty keyboard (than on E7 I’m also using) took a day to catch speed but it is a very good keyboard which can help You type fast with two or even one hand on the go. The whole phone is actually perfectly suitable for one handed use because of it’s small form factor in particular. Extra double-action keys for email, calendar and phone book are also a very welcome addition on this kind of phone class. I got used to those instantly – like they were missing from all my other phones. Or it might be I was missing a E72 experience, I’m not sure. Nevertheless getting back to a business class smart phone for a change is a refreshment!

Read more about Nokia E6 in the following days of my trial where I’ll write some more about new Nokia Maps, the EDoF camera and if You have any questions You are welcome to ask me on Twitter.

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