Simple parfait cake

If You like these kind of cakes, and if You are willing to try it Yourself I think You can do it. It’s really easy!

First of all get Your supplies and check if everything required is ready for action. (metric)
- 1 yogurt (1.8dl)
- 1 yogurt glass of sugar
- 2 yogurt glasses of smooth flour [glatko brašno]
- 3/4 yogurt glass of kitchen oil [not engine oil]
- 1 vanillin [vanilin šećer]
- 1/2 baking powder [prašak za pecivo]
- 3 eggs
- butter [maslac]
- flour [oštro brašno]
- parfait powder in a box
- 6dl life milk [trajno mlijeko]

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Nokia N8 now out of my hands

So I was drinking my coffee (picture taken with N8) the other day thinking how almost nobody asked anything after my previous post. It was sort of expected. After all this really isn’t a new device but how does it stand in todays fast growing mobile phone industry? To me Nokia N8 is a miracle if looking from the camera perspective. It’s absolutely miraculous that Nokia made such an amazing camera-phone a year ago and today it still has no rival. I’m sure going to miss that camera a-lot!

But let’s go back to the troubling world, shall we? I have tested all the app categories on N8 that I have had interest in and pretty much everything passes with good grades (marks?) and some apps really deserve special mention. For example 4squick is an app that Symbian haters would not believe You is made for Symbian until You show them “about” window ;-) The other very fine example of a new era apps is gNewsReader for which I have only praises. Just by looking at those apps, oh boy, I can tell You Symbian is not dead! Symbian is comming! :-)

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Nokia N8 in hands of an iPhone user

I was a long time Nokia user and a real Nokia fan all the way from Nokia 7110 time. That was my first phone, and boy it was the best phone. I have had a few more punchy Nokia phones that made me a very proud Nokia fan. Those were Nokia 6880 and N95. Also, I was very pleased with Nokia 5800 too until it got stolen from me. That very event leads me to iPhone 3G which I got for usage in my company. I was very annoyed using a phone that cannot multitask, and god it was slow. Later I got a 3GS version with a firmware that can do something similar to multitasking so I got used to iPhone. I was using it for 18 months straight last week when Wom World Nokia gave me a Pink N8 for a two-week trial.

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