Tweet my pizza!

As a pizza lover (aren’t we all?) in the recent years I have seen a lot of pizzas just plain discusting and cheap all the way to super-yummy pizzas which often have their price which soon leads to pizzeria closing doors forever, unfortunately.

Now not to go too deep into politics I’ll just skip a lot of possible text and go to my working field which is gadgets and my own stomach. Last week my wife and I got a bit late home from work and I was hungry. I told her to order me a pizza, and she passed a new pizzeria/restaurant recomendation from a friend to me. I Googled a phone number and order one Slavonian pizza. Now, the trouble is that the delivery guy was not able to locate my home so we had a rough start here. But as soon as I tweeted my bad mood – thing got interesting…

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Simple parfait cake

If You like these kind of cakes, and if You are willing to try it Yourself I think You can do it. It’s really easy!

First of all get Your supplies and check if everything required is ready for action. (metric)
- 1 yogurt (1.8dl)
- 1 yogurt glass of sugar
- 2 yogurt glasses of smooth flour [glatko brašno]
- 3/4 yogurt glass of kitchen oil [not engine oil]
- 1 vanillin [vanilin šećer]
- 1/2 baking powder [prašak za pecivo]
- 3 eggs
- butter [maslac]
- flour [oštro brašno]
- parfait powder in a box
- 6dl life milk [trajno mlijeko]

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