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Why Knot? [CRO]

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Why KnotBudući da imam poseban smisao za zabavu odlučio sam pokloniti svoj Why Knot nekome. Dobio sam ga kao zahvalu na sudjelovanju u jednom natječaju, no činjenica je da ja baš i ne koristim slušalice toliko često da ih stignem zapetljati. Dakle jednostavnom logikom: neka Why Knot ide u bolje ruke!

Uz napomenu da nisam povezan s tvorcima Why Knota već sam samo fan toga proizvoda pojednostaviti ću stvari maksimalno: Tweetao sam OVAJ TWEET koji trebate retweetati samo ako želite Why Knot. 11.2.2014. uvečer ću Twitterdraw metodom izabrati kome ide poklončić. Good luck!

Tko je osvojio WhyKnot pročitajte u nastavku… (more…)

SMS example code for BlackBerry 10

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sms-text-hiI had a bit of a rough start with BB10 so I figured since I made my app work properly I’m sure there will be others who will run into similar problems, so why not give them a hand…

First of all download the fully working source code example I created for You: SMSexample.zip (BAR file only)

If you cannot make it work by looking at a fully working example follow these very simple instructions!

Create e new BlackBerry native project and open .pro file Inside add following lines after CONFIG QT line: (more…)

Nokia E7 battery transplant

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For all of You still unable to separate Yourself from E7 keyboard, and looking for a battery replacement or upgrade I have recently read that the battery from Nokia 808 is a perfect fit for E7 in terms of physical dimensions, connector placement etc. If You are interested in more, please read on but take note that ANY tampering with Your phone(s) will void warranty and is not recommended. (more…)

Connect Your Nokia N9 to Outlook.com

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Since my last post where I explained why Exchange (ActiveSync) is the very best option for Your push mail delivery along with important extras as phonebook and calendar sync, Google has decided to shut down this service for non business users (thanks @clintonjeff). So if You are a Google user You are now presented with a few options: Become a business user to keep this service, change the mail delivery to IMAP or switch to another cloud provider.

If You have decided to try out a new provider Microsoft Live services might appear as the most logical option. If You are also a Nokia N9 user You might get into trouble trying to set up Your Outlook account on this fantastic phone because since Q2 2012 Microsoft has changed something in their Exchange servers and caused a lot of problems to Nokia N9 and Android users. There may be others that I’m not aware of right now so if You are trying to set up MfE on N9 follow these simple instructions: (more…)

Why POP, or why IMAP?

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Do you only use web mail for your email needs or do you find yourself using some additional applications along the way? For example do you use a desktop app like Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple Mail or do you even use an iPad mail app or your smart phone for email reading on the go? Every internet enabled phone today can access your email in a very easy way. If you see yourself described in any of these words please read on.


Vikend s Kraljem lavova [CRO]

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Premda sam dobio potvrdan mig da ću biti dio lavljih vikenda, ne razmišljajući o tome je trenutak sjedanja u lava došao kao ugodno iznenađenje. Ekipa digitalne agencije Bijela rukavica i TM vozila pozvali su me na kratko druženje i predaju obiteljskog vozila koje sam priželjkivao. Ovom prilikom moram reći da je vozilo odabrano za mene bilo pun pogodak te sam u startu model 5008 prozvao kraljem lavova. Iz milja, ali svakako i po dimenzijama.

Nakon rastanka od preplašene mačke (moja živahna Corsa) premjestio sam osnovne stvari u svoje novo vozilo i prilagodio se upravljačkom sučelju još na parkiralištu, čisto da kasnije ne tražim gdje su prekidači brisača i slično. Kratkim pogledom na tablu s instrumentima zaključujem da se radi o dizel vozilu, što blago turiranje na mjestu i potvrđuje. Najs. Interijer je blago obnovljen u odnosu na starija Peugeot/Citroen vozila s kojima nažalost još uvijek dijeli mnoge detalje poput radija koji se je ugrađivao i u stari C3. Zapravo, cijela središnja konzola uopće ne ostavlja bez daha. Ali tabla pred volanom je dobro dizajnirana, a budući da u nju gledam većinu vremena cjelokupni dojam interijera je na zadovoljavajućem nivou. Između prednjih siceva je poveća hlađena kutija za razne stvarčice i punjenje mobitela, odnosno priključak mužičkog svirača na audio sustav. Prčkajući po audio sustavu zaključujem da sam bespotrebno iz Corse prenio bluetooth slušalicu jer kralj lavova ima bluetooth instalaciju. Odlično!


WRC Live app

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As a World Rally Championship lover You are for sure familiar with names like Sebastien Loeb, Petter Solberg, Ken Block and others.. Do You watch WRC live on TV? Of course You do! Like every live sports we have live video “stream” on our TV’s, we have a guy who comments what’s going on, and we have results shown once in a while.

But what happens when that is not enough? Nokia as a proud sponsor of FIA WRC is offering You a premium quality APP for Your Nokia phone. Wether it’s a S40, Symbian^3, MeeGo or Windows device You can now enjoy hight quality real time GPS mapping of each cars position on the track, and see the live scores for free. Aditionally, as if fantastic live mapping is not enough, there are recently recorded (near-live) videos from the cars camera, from outside and from the helicopter – all with audio commentary. The same goes for the daily wrap ups. The app also features photos from the competition and Facebook integration for those wanting more socialization.


Tweet my pizza!

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As a pizza lover (aren’t we all?) in the recent years I have seen a lot of pizzas just plain discusting and cheap all the way to super-yummy pizzas which often have their price which soon leads to pizzeria closing doors forever, unfortunately.

Now not to go too deep into politics I’ll just skip a lot of possible text and go to my working field which is gadgets and my own stomach. Last week my wife and I got a bit late home from work and I was hungry. I told her to order me a pizza, and she passed a new pizzeria/restaurant recomendation from a friend to me. I Googled a phone number and order one Slavonian pizza. Now, the trouble is that the delivery guy was not able to locate my home so we had a rough start here. But as soon as I tweeted my bad mood – thing got interesting…


Nokia E6 – Conclusions

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Hello again! I have returned my white E6 two days ago and I’m still thinking about this article and the words to fill it up. First of all let me tell You that I have failed to persuade my best man to leave BlackBerry for Nokia. He just didn’t get the right vibe from the phone. He is a kind of a businessman who uses his phone for making phone calls, and for his business emails which he must receive instantly. Nothing more, except sometimes he requires web access and some touch input for easy navigation. He asked me to open the web page paulshark.it on E6 and at the time the page did not open, but after a few days Symbian Anna v25 came out and it solved the problem with that web page and many others I believe because the browser now feels much improved. It just responds to my input the way I want, although I cannot say that for vanilla Anna. But the fact that Nokia is updating it’s phones regularly is only a plus from my perspective. So it seems that Nokia E6 in fact CAN do everything my best (business) man requires but the phone itself does not give the right vibe to attract a non Nokia user. Too bad.